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What is a man with a van??

You could be forgiven for thinking a bloke runs around all day in a van polluting our air and making a racket.

The truth is there are lots of men with vans out there running around all day but what are they really doing?

In the UK, we produce tonnes of rubbish so what happens to the waste rubbish and how do we deal with it.

Well, I might tell you in my next blog but for now….

It turns out The Man in A Van rubbish clearance does his fair bit!

On average every single day we clear at least five black bags from every household job we do.

Not a lot are you thinking!

Man With Van Rubbish Removal Leeds

One van can collect over 20,000 black bags in a year

But consider this, each van does let’s say five jobs in the morning and six to seven in the afternoon, we are soon up to 55 black bags in one van in one day.

385 black bags per week is 20,020 per year if we worked Christmas day and Boxing Day too.

Garden bin bags

It’s scary, isn’t it? but then we have to consider other items that our man and a van collects.  Yep, we are talking fridges, the freezer’s or combined, washers and dryers.

Our man collects microwave ovens and of course ovens and hob. Hundreds of old matrasses and beds shed clearance and garages.

These are a mixture of metals, fabrics and wood products, wool nylon, glass, rubber, tyres, plastic and more plastic.

Bags – Toys – Packaging

The constant free plastic toys from fast food alone contribute a huge pile of junk.

Consider how many different items you might dispose of in a shed for instance. Lots. Cardboard, plastic, powders, paint, metal. and the wood from the shed.


Try making a list

Man With A Van

It’s all in our van at any one time I’m sure.  Recycling does take time and effort but is worth it for our environment and future.

A Man With A Van Rubbish Clearance
A Man With A Van Rubbish Clearance
A Man With A Van Rubbish Clearance

Strangely TV and electricals are using more packaging than ever, possibly as they are made abroad and imported so need extra padding etc.

More plastic, polystyrene, and cardboard. No wonder we have so much rubbish and junk to get rid of.

When we were younger in the days of black and white Tv’s then 70’s colour started to come in, but you went to a shop that’s sold TV’s and hey ho! The shop delivered it for you in a van and no packaging just two people or one depending on the size.

Full house clearance all fit in the van and the man happily removes it all for you, everyone is happy.

I’m talking rubbish literally and the easiest way to get rid of it is to call a junk or rubbish removal service. They are quick and easy. They leave the place tidy and you don’t have to pack up the car and take it to the tip, the fee outweighs the hassle.

A Man With A Van Rubbish Clearance
A Man With A Van Rubbish Clearance
A Man With A Van Rubbish Clearance

There you go a man with a van

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