Junk Movers Waste Removal Van

Recycling with Junk Movers waste management services, licenced with a paper trail, our aim is to keep our environment rubbish free for our future generations

Our recycling policy

We recycle as much as we possibly can to help with the environment

As responsible waste removers with a licence, pride ourselves on helping to keep our environment rubbish free and hopefully for our future generations

We have a paper trail, therefore, you can see on paper we don’t just take your money and fly-tip

We recycle furniture as much a possible and other items

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We have up to date certificates and paperwork, all our collections have a trackable number and paper trail

The Environmental Agency clarify that the following information is entered in the register which they maintain under regulation 28 of the Waste (England and Wales) regulations


Certificates of Waste Regulation

Transfer note has all the correct information on it where your rubbish has been taken. We now offer a digital Waste Transfer Document straight to your email address.

Transfer Papers

Waste Transfer Document

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