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Certificates of Waste Regulation

Certificates of Waste Regulation. So many individuals and organisations advertise as rubbish collectors, and many of them are acting illegally and regretfully also fly-tipping their waste in car parks, green spaces, parks and laybys.

Many of these people claim to be registered and even offer some form of a certificate. If you care about your local community and environment then you should always check that these rubbish removers are genuine.  It’s easy to do, just visit the Environment Agency’s website and search for their registration number.

The results will tell you who they are, what they are registered to carry and indeed where they are based.

Some of these people may not be as local as you think.

If you let these guys take your rubbish away and it is fly-tipped then you could be fined.

We are legal and registered

Certificates of Waste Regulation

Certificate of Waste Regulations

Certificates of Waste Regulation

Junk Movers is licenced by the Environmental Agency to

  • Transport other people’s waste
  • Carry construction and demolition waste
  • Arranges for waste from other businesses to be transported, recovered or disposed of (broker)
  • Buys or sells waste, or uses an agent to do so (dealer)

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