Junk Movers Waste Removal Van

Like a skip; just a lot easier

Skips are wonderful things, but if you have ever hired one you will know that they take up a load of space, they take ages to fill and they tend to attract attention anyone who’s passing who has a fancying for your junk or sees you skip as a cheap way of getting rid of their rubbish.

The lads at Junk Movers are just like ordering a skip except they do all the hard lifting for you on the day you chose. The rubbish is gone in a couple of hours.

Sounds expensive?

Not really, we do all the work and you get charged a flat rate which we will agree with you before we start. It usually costs much less than hiring a skip.

Junk Movers are fully licenced and get rid of your junk in a clean and responsible way.

The easy alternative to a skip


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